AI Mentorship Program

1 - 1 Personalised AI Mentorship from Industry Experts.

What is Mentorship Program?

  • Robofied is ecstatic to propose to you the One-to-One Mentorship Program aimed at equipping students and professionals with the 40 Employees’ right skills in the domain of Machine Learning & Data Science by providing personal one-to-one 20 experience of learning the skills of the industry in order to make them job-ready.
  • As part of the program, our mentors will be taking in-person sessions with the interested candidate to assist them in their Data Science journey. Whether you’re a novice in programming or someone who has mastered Python, our program is extremely New Jobs are set to be created including Data Analysts & Scientists, AI & Machine Learning Specialists by personalized to each candidate so that you get the most value out of this opportunity.
  • You’d not only get to learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning, of all Employees, will need reskilling in AI technologies by 2025 but live coding sessions, research paper explanations, LinkedIn Profiling, mock interviews, will be carried out by an experienced team of Mentors with extensive industrial experience to assist you in entering the Industrial Arena.

Features of the Program

  • One-to-One Mentorship

This program is entirely based on one-to-one mentorship where the mentors will be in touch with candidate personally.

  • Data Backed Process

This program is data-driven right from the induction to the completion of a candidate’s journey as tracked via analysis.

  • Personalized Assistance 24*7

Our team of mentors is available for resolving your queries 24×7 to help you become an expert from novice.

  • Real-World Case Studies

This program involves candidates creating real-world projects fit to serve the business constraints.

  • Mock Interviews

This program involves candidates’ participation in mock-interviews targeted towards industry demands.

Process of the Program

In-depth Coverage of Machine Learning and Data Science Concepts.

Programming Languages and Tools Covered

Admission Process

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